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Ono! Tool

This wiki is meant to allow sharing of information and tutorials regarding the Ultra Street Fighter 4 move set editing tool known as “Ono!Tool”

The best version of Ono and the one this wiki was written for can be found here:

The tool is no longer being updated.

If you wish to start modding it's recommended you utilize these modded files that fix numerous bugs in USF4 as the basis for your mod. It also features the dll file that will allow you to load mods.

The modding community for USF4 (as well as SFV:AE) can be found on discord

There are two methods to actually playing mods.

The SF4Remix Launcher will allow you to use any modded versions of character files in USF4 or SSF4:AE (Steam Version), without it the game will hang when attempting to load the files due to a file verification checker. Download their mod and follow the instructions for how to create your own. Remix loader will easily load and unload mods when you want to go back to vanilla version w/o having to copy/paste everything and overwrite stuff again.


Alternately you can get a modded cryptopp.dll and insert it into your root “SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition” folder. This will allow modded characters to load without the hassle of Remix Loader's limitations and possibly confusing instructions.

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