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The Speed setting is used for changing the rate at which a script is run. This affects anything related to frame data, including animation speed, hit boxes, hurt boxes and sound effect timing. The speed section is split into 3 parts, S(start), E(end) and Multiplier.

Start & End

When you set the multiplier setting you must dictate what frame the multiplier should be applied. Only a 1F space is required (Example: Start 1 End 2 or Start 16 End 17) as any multiplier value is retained until a new multiplier value is set.


This is the speed that the script should be run. This value must be a positive value but it does not have to be a whole number. When a multiplier is set, the script retains that speed setting until a new speed setting is set. (Example: At S:0 E:1 the multiplier is 3 for Zangief's 5LP, at S:9 E:10 the multiplier is 1. That means that for 0-9F the script is run at 3x speed. The first hit box is on frame 10. 9 divided by 3 = 3. 10-9 = 1. 3+1 = 4. Zangief's 5LP has a 4F startup.)

After speed settings are applied the frame data numbers are rounded up to the nearest whole. A final value of 3.01 = 4F

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