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The invincibility section of the Ono tool governs which areas of the body can be hit. This value only affects areas of the body that have not already had a hurt box assigned to them in the hurt box section of the ono tool.

Mechanics of Invincibility

The term “Invincibility” isn't an entirely accurate description of the way the engine works. Rather what is being designated is the vulnerability of specific body parts. By default all hurt boxes are active and are vulnerable to all forms of attack. When you set an invincibility you are telling the game to disable all hurt boxes other than the ones you have selected.

By selecting the flag “Hit” and location as “None” you have told the game that “None” of the characters body parts are vulnerable to “Hit” type boxes. If you select “Projectile” “Right Hand” you have told the game that only the right hand hurt box is vulnerable to projectiles. The rest of the body is invincible to projectiles.

Invincibility mechanics work in tandem with hurt boxes. Please see the hurt boxes article for more information on how hurt boxes work.

Ono Tool Information

The invincibility table is split into 8 columns.

S / E

This is the Start and End frames of the invincibility you have selected. Unlike Speed or Physics you actually use the Start and End frames in a rather straight forward way. Setting 5 for S and 15 for E will make the invincibility last from 5 until 15 no more no less (this is of course before Speed settings take effect.


The Flags section covers the types of invincibility. There are 9 selectable options available, you can select any number of options and all will take effect for the time set.

Push Invincibility to Push box effects. This allows characters to pass through each other if or partially pass through each other depending on the setting.
Hit Invincibility to Strikes.
Throw Invincibility to Throws.
Projectile Invincibility to Projectiles.
Absorb Hit Adds Armor vs Strike attacks
Absorb Throw Currently unknown use
Absorb Projectile Adds Armor vs Projectile Attacks
Counter Hit Used for triggering Counter moves such as Dudley's Cross Counter.
CounterSP Move Used for triggering Counter moves such as Dudley's Cross Counter


Currently the use for this is unknown


This controls a few things, most notable being the number of hits able to be absorbed by the “Absorb Hit” and “Absorb Projectile” flags.


Unk04 is a damage multiplier in a percentage value. A value of 100 means that if this body part is hit it will take 100% of the attack table value. A value of 125 would mean that this body part would take 125% of the attack table designated value.


Currently the use for this is unknown


This section should always remain empty.

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