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Scripts Header

Script Header is the general overview of the selected script. It includes information that affects the physics and frames of the move.

Ono Tool Information

The scripts head section is found in a tab at the top of the selected script. The section is split into 9 rows.


This is the name of the move, this can be changed in either the Script Header section or the left frame list of moves.


The index is just that, an index number for the move. Moves from 0 to 202 are expected to always appear at that specific index number (E.G. 5 for the Jump move.) Moves with an index number greater than 1000 are used for stances where a particular move is replaced by the stanced version. For example with Cody: Index 256 is 5LP, Index 1256 is 5LP_Knife. For each level of angry scar Unk1 value you must increase the index number by 1000. Stance 1 = +1000, Stance 2 = +2000, ect.

First Hit Box

First hit box is the first frame that a hit box appears (note this number is BEFORE the Speed values are calculated). Currently the actual effect this value has on the move's properties is unknown.

Last Hit Box

Last hit box is the last frame that a hit box appears (note this number is BEFORE the Speed values are calculated.) Currently the actual effect this value has on the move's properties is unknown.

Interrupt At Frame

This is the frame that the move can be interrupted into another input (including movement.) This value is separate from Cancels this is used for when moves are considered “completed.” All the move is technically finished, many moves have animations that can be interrupted before the animation completes. For example: Taunts have varied lengths for the whole script, but universally taunts can be ended prematurely on frame 45. These interruptible frames are usually used simply to create a smoother animation to reset the character into their neutral stance.

Total Duration

This is the total duration of the move, if your designated Animation frames do not match the total duration value for the move then graphical errors will occur such as the character temporarily disappearing from sight.


Unknown Flags 1 / Physics (depending on Ono version) dictates how much velocity and acceleration is retained from your previous action. (For example if you are jumping forward and use a move like Guy's Elbow Drop you'll notice he doesn't actually instantly come to a stop but retains different momentum from when he uses Bushin Flip or does a neutral jump.)

There is one exception, the value “1024” has nothing to do with acceleration or momentum and instead dictates that the script must be repeatedly run until the player manually interrupts it, this is used for scripts such as Stand.

Binary Value Script Header Value Description
1111110 126 Retains all velocity and acceleration
100000 32 Retains only Y acceleration
000010 2 Retains X velocity
000100 4 Retains Y velocity
001000? 8 Retains Z velocity (unused?)
? 26 Retains X acceleration from previous move
? 32 Retains Y acceleration from previous move
? 64 Retains Z acceleration from previous move (unused?)
? 126 Retains ALL physics from previous move
? 128 Retains X velocity 2?? (Unknown use)
? 256 Retains Y velocity 2?? (Unknown use)
? 512 Retains Z velocity 2?? (Unknown use / Unused)
? 896 Retains ALL physics 2?? (Unknown use)
? 1024 Loops the current script whenever it finishes (used for things like walking)
? 2048 Unknown
? 4096 Unknown
? 8192 Unknown
? 16384 Unknown
? 32768 Unknown
? 65536 Unknown
? 131072 Unknown
? 262114 Unknown
? 524288 Unknown

As you can see, for the most part the flags simply double the previous values unless combined.

Operations Flag

Operations Flag / Unknown Flags 2 dictates the position of the character as well as the way that the move is completed.

Binary Value Script Header Value Description
0 0 Assumes Y position is 0. Does not end when touching the ground.
10 2 Retains Y position. Doesn't end when it hits the ground.
?? 4 Unknown
?? 8 Unknown
?? 16 Unknown
?? 32 Unknown
?? 64 Unknown
?? 128 Unknown
?? 256 Unknown
?? 512 Unknown
?? 1024 Unknown
?? 2048 Unknown
?? 4096 Unknown
?? 8192 Unknown
?? 16384 Unknown
?? 32768 Unknown
10000000000000000 65536 Ends in a crouching state
100000000000000000 131072 Assumes Y position is 0. Ends when touching the ground.
100000000000000010 131074 Retains Y position. Ends when it hits the ground
? 262114 Unknown
? 524288 Unknown

As with the Physics flag there may be more yet undiscovered.

Finish Animation

Finish Animation / Unknown Flags 3 is used to dictate what animation to use when the character reaches the floor of the stage. This is used only in the “Blow” scripts. This is determined as the index minus 26.

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