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The scripts section of the tool is where the majority of the editing is done to create a mod. This area of the tool is the where you will select what move to edit as well as which feature of that move to edit.

Ono Tool Information

The scripts section is first opened from the main window of the tool. Scripts section is laid out into one column and a sub window with tabs.


This part is where you choose which area to modify. You have a button to create a New empty script, DO NOT USE THIS AS IT WILL CAUSE THE PROGRAM TO CRASH. Next to the New button is a paste button, for the paste button to do anything you must first copy a selected script.

Right Click

Right clicking on a script in the left column will bring up the options to copy, duplicate, remove, or shift the position of the selected script.

You can save time copying a script and clicking paste by simply duplicating a script. Like anything else that you duplicate or copy in the Ono!Tool, you must save and reload the currently selected file if you wish to edit a duplicate. Any changes made to a duplicated value will be reflected in both moves.

Moving a script's position in your list really has no effect. A the movement is temporary as once the file is saved and reloaded scripts will automatically sort themselves by the index value set in the script header data.

Sub Window

Once you select the script you wish to edit all of the editable data will appear in the sub window on the right side of the tool. These sections are:

Script Header, Flow, Animation, Transition, State, Speed, Physics, Cancels, Hitbox, Invinc, Hurtbox, ECT, Target Lock, and SFX

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