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Flags Flags govern traits of the attack when it hits and can be combined.

Unkother = -1 NONE = 0x0000,

          USE_LOCAL_SCRIPT = 0x0001,
          DONT_KO = 0x0002,
          UNK0x0004 = 0x0004, //No turn?
          HARD_KNOCKDOWN = 0x0008,
          UNK0x0010 = 0x0010,
          UNK0x0020 = 0x0020,
          UNK0x0040 = 0x0040,
          UNK0x0080 = 0x0080,
          UNK0x0100 = 0x0100,
          UNK0x0200 = 0x0200,
          UNK0x0400 = 0x0400,
          UNK0x0800 = 0x0800,
          UNK0x1000 = 0x1000,
          UNK0x2000 = 0x2000,
          UNK0x4000 = 0x4000,
          UNK0x8000 = 0x8000,

Hitstun2 = hard knockdown time. Not sure if exactly 1-1 for frame count.

Force X This governs both knock back distance on a juggle & pushback distance on a grounded hit. On a grounded hit the opponent is pushed back this distance. On an air hit the opponent is knocked by twice this distance.

Force Y

The height opponent will fly upwards if using a Blow hit effect. Actual speed of movement is modified by Hitstun value.

Hitstun Frames of hit stun to add to the attack. When hitting an airborne opponent this is how many frames the opponent will remain airborne.

Hitstun2 Time opponent remains knocked down after landing.

Pre-Jump Hit This is the hit effect that occurs when hitting an airborne opponent

Post-Bound Hit This is the hit effect that occurs when hitting an opponent who has been ground bounced.

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