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Credits and Information

Wiki Credits

This wiki is created, written and maintained by Eternal

Special thanks to Just Dylan, Killbox, razor5070 and jingojungle who have provided or verified some information on this wiki.

Ono! Tool Credits

OnoTool is a fan created modification tool to allow players to both explore the inside workings of Street Fighter 4, as well as modify how the characters function. It is a work of passion put together by a large team of dedicated fans to celebrate the series they have loved so much and slake their curiosity into how it was made.

The current active community of modders can be found on the USF4/SFxT/SFV/Fighting Game modding discord.

Credits (Alphabetical Order) [Links lead to each persons twitter profile or the webpage listed as their name.]

Main Programming: Dantarion

Programming: Anotak, Dantarion, razor5070, jingojungle Waterine.

File format info: ACCELERATOR, Anotak, Dantarion, Gojira, Error1, illitirit, Piecemontee, Polarity, Providenceangle, Sindor, Waterine, yeb, MiriamBurgers

Bug Reports: Bebopfan, Comeback Mechanic, Error1, Just Dylan, Killbox, Minszyk, Polarity, razor5070, yeb, MiriamBurgers

Special Thanks: ahfb, Banana Ken,, Dandy J, Eternal, hunterK (,, SSJ George Bush,, Zandwich

If you contributed to the wiki, or the OnoTool and feel your name should be included please contact Eternal and I will add you to the list. and the USF4/SFV:CE hit box viewing tools hosted on it were created by Frame Trapped Tom.

USF4 Simp mod manager tool created by razor5070.

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