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Input Motions is for creating series of directional inputs that the game will then recognize as a single motion for the purpose of performing special actions.

The Inputs section is split into a 2 frame window, the left frame is the list of recognized motions. You can create new empty motions or rename any listed item in this frame. Selecting one of the listed motions will display it on the right frame. The right frame is set up into a table with 7 columns which are Type, Buffer, Input, Charge, MoveFlags, Flags, and Requirement.


Type is precisely that, what Type of input is being created. There are 4 options

Normal This is just as it says, a normal input, no special features.
Charge This is part of an input related to Charges no direction is dictated as the information is in the respective Charges list. Must be selected for any move that uses a charge type input. Used for moves such as Guile's Sonic Boom
Joy 360 This input is for 360 spins on the joystick, used for things like Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver.
Mash This input is for any input that must be hit quickly and repeatedly. Such as Chun Li's lightning legs.


Buffer is the number of frames allowed between inputs. If a move has a buffer of 10, then the next part of the input must occur within 10F of the previous input.


Input is the required button or direction for that part of the Input Motion. If a move has multiple buttons in one section (such as Honda's Hundred Hand Slaps which has LP, MP, HP) then any of the buttons pressed will be accepted as part of the motion. This allows for multiple inputs to cover the same part of the motion.


This is a drop down list of the Charges available. For more information on Charges visit the wiki page on it.

Move Flags

The move flags section dictates what inputs are accepted as valid from the list of inputs in “Input” column. The move flags are the same as those found the Moves section.


There are 3 options for Flags they apply to the “inputs” just like the same flags found in the Moves section

Lenient Only used for directional inputs, any input that contains the required direction is acceptable. (Example: A lenient input of Forward would also allow forward + up or forward + down)
Strict Only used for directional inputs, the input must ONLY contain the required direction to be accepted.
Mash The input must be rapidly inputted.


The Requirement index is used for inputs that have multiple buttons/directions set for an individual action. For example Gouken's Ultra 2 charging action or Chun Li's lightning legs. The requirement is the number of inputs needed to move on to the next row of inputs. If the move only has 1 input (such as “down” before proceeding to the next listed input in the motion, then the requirement can be set to 0)

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