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The physics section of the Ono tool governs how the character moves on screen. This ranges from moves like dive kicks or the shoryuken to more straight forward things like dashes or walk speeds.

The physics section is layed out in a table format similar to many sections of the Ono tool. There are a total of 9 columns in the physics section.

S / E

This is the Start and End frame for this section of the physics. You only need to input a 1F window (E.G. 0 for S and 1 for End or 15 for S and 16 for End.) as physics commands are retained until a new command is given or all velocity is returned to zero.


The X velocity determines the constant speed at which the character is moving horizontally. If you put a negative value here your character will move backwards (relative to the direction your character is facing. If facing left then a negative value moves you to the right.)


The Y velocity governs the vertical speed you move in the same fashion as VelX. A negative Y velocity will cause your character to move downward while a positive value will make your character move upward. As the game has no natural gravity if you do not create a setting for your character to return to the stage floor (either through setting their VelY to a negative value or having a negative AccY) you will float upwards forever.


This is currently unknown

Physics Flags

There are 4 physics flags to be check. If you don't click the flag that corresponds to the settings you made for either Vel or Acc then those settings wont be used. There is are a couple of unlisted flags that must be entered manually currently.


This is the acceleration for the X axis. This value will be added to the current velocity each frame. So a AccX of 0.02 setting while you have a VelX setting of 0.1 would mean that every frame the VelX goes up 0.02. After 4F your VelX would b 0.18. If you use a negative value for AccX then it would be subtracting from VelX so after 5F a VelX setting of 0.1 with an AccX setting of -0.02 would have a VelX of 0.


This is the acceleration for the Y axis which functions the same as the AccX but governs vertical motion rather than horizontal.

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