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Hurtboxes work in tandem with hitboxes and invincibility to create the basis of how two characters interact. Hurtboxes are the vulnerable parts of a character that when touched by a hitbox will result in an effect.

Hurtbox Mechanics

By default there are exactly 20 Strike/Projectile hurtboxes, 3 throw hurtboxes, and 3 Push boxes on each character. Unlike hitboxes it is not possible to actually create a hurtbox, instead the only thing that can be done is take an existing hurtbox and modify it. The first option is you can disable specific hurtboxes from being vulnerable to specific attack types by using invincibility. After that hurtboxes can be manually modified within the hurtbox section. Either changing their location relative to the original body part they came from, or by modifying their size relative to the original parts size.

Ono Tool Information

The hurtbox table of scripts is split into 11 different columns.

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S / E

This is the Start and End frames of the hurtbox you have selected. Unlike Speed or Physics you actually use the Start and End frames in a rather straight forward way. Setting 5 for S and 15 for E will make the hurtbox last from 5 until 15 before the application of Speed settings.

X / Y

This is the position of the hurtbox, the X and Y coordinates are relative to the part of the body that the hurtbox is attached to. All hurtboxes and hitboxes are attached to parts of the character model with the exception of VFX hitboxes.


Currently it is not known if this is used

Width / Height

This designates the size of the hurtbox. Width and Height are the distance from the center of the of the hitbox, a width of 0.15 would actually be a hurtbox size of 0.3 as it's 0.15 both left and right from the center.

In addition to width / height, the size of the body part will actually change the size of the hurtbox. Even a hurtbox of 0.1×0.1 can become quite large if attached to a body part that changes size during an animation. For example, Dhalsim's limbs greatly increase the size of the hurtbox in-game when they stretch.

If a value of 0 is used then the game will use the default size for that body part's hurtbox based on the model bones.

Float Unknown

Currently what this does is unknown.

Box Type

Box type dictates what kind of hurtbox is used. There are 4 options and you can check any combination.

Push Pushbox is what keeps characters from overlapping, when two pushboxes touch they will push apart. Note that only Head, Waist, Chest can be set to Pushboxes.
Hit Hit hurtboxes are vulnerable to strikes, they can be applied to any body part. Whenever you check a “Hit” hurtbox it's best to also check “Projectile” and instead use invincibility to control if the body part is immune to that particular type of attack
Throw Throw hurtboxes are the hurtboxes used for throws. A throw hit box only interacts with a throw hurtbox.
Projectile Projectile hurtboxes function just like Hit hurtboxes but are vulnerable to projectiles. Whenever you check a “Hit” hurtbox it's best to also check “Projectile” and instead use invincibility to control if the body part is immune to that particular type of attack.


This is the body part being modified. The body parts you can modify are:

  • Waist
  • Stomach
  • Chest
  • Head
  • Left Shoulder
  • Left Elbow
  • Left Wrist
  • Left Hand
  • Left Hip
  • Left Knee
  • Left Ankle
  • Left Foot
  • Right Shoulder
  • Right Elbow
  • Right Wrist
  • Right Hand
  • Right Hip
  • Right Knee
  • Right Ankle
  • Right Foot
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