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Credits and Information

This wiki is created, written and maintained by Eternal

OnoTool is a fan created modification tool to allow players to both explore the inside workings of Street Fighter 4, as well as modify how the characters function. It is a work of passion put together by a large team of dedicated fans to celebrate the series they have loved so much and slake their curiosity into how it was made.

Credits (Alphabetical Order) [Links lead to each persons twitter profile or the webpage listed as their name.]

Main Programming: Dantarion

Programming: Anotak, razor5070, Waterine

File format info: ACCELERATOR, Anotak, Dantarion, Gojira, Error1, illitirit, Piecemontee, Polarity, Providenceangle, Sindor, Waterine, yeb, Zeipher

Bug Reports: Bebopfan, Comeback Mechanic, Error1, Minszyk, Polarity, razor5070, yeb, Zeipher

Special Thanks: ahfb, Banana Ken,, Dandy J, Eternal, hunterK (,, SSJ George Bush,, Zandwich

irc: #sf4-modding on

If you contributed to the wiki, or the OnoTool and feel your name should be included please contact Eternal and I will add you to the list.

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