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 Main Programming:​ [[http://​​dantarion | Dantarion]] Main Programming:​ [[http://​​dantarion | Dantarion]]
-Programming:​ [[https://​​FEFF2800 | Anotak]], [[http://​​razor5070 | Dantarion]],​ [[https://​​razor5070 | razor5070]], ​Waterine, and jingojungle.+Programming:​ [[https://​​FEFF2800 | Anotak]], [[http://​​razor5070 | Dantarion]],​ [[https://​​razor5070 | razor5070]], ​[[https://​​jingojungle1707/​ | jingojungle]] Waterine.
 File format info: File format info:
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 Bug Reports: Bug Reports:
-Bebopfan, Comeback Mechanic, Error1, Minszyk, Polarity, [[https://​​razor5070 ​razor5070]], yeb, Zeipher, ​[[http://​​JustDylanKJust Dylan]], [[​KillbawksKillbox]]+Bebopfan, Comeback Mechanic, Error1, [[​JustDylanKJust Dylan]],  [[http://​​KillbawksKillbox]], Minszyk, Polarity, [[https://​​razor5070 ​razor5070]], yeb, Zeipher
 Special Thanks: Special Thanks:
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