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 https://​​T5raMgr https://​​T5raMgr
-There are two methods ​to actually playing mods.+There are two main to actually playing mods.
-The SF4Remix Launcher will allow you to use any modded versions of character files in USF4 or SSF4:AE (Steam Version), without it the game will hang when attempting to load the files due to a file verification checker. +The [[​|USF4 Simple ​mod launcher]] is an easy to use mod manager. When using USF4 Simp you put the folder ​for your mod (E.G. ModXYZ) into the main folder of USF4 "​SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition."​ The inside of the ModXYZ folder should contain all of the files from "​patch_ae2_tu3"​ including the '​battle',​ '​movie' ​and '​ui'​ folders. For the modded character files you put them in "Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\ModXYZ\patch_ae2_tu3\battle\regulation\ae2_110"​ and "Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition\ModXYZ\patch_ae2_tu3\battle\regulation\ae2_111"​ rather than splitting them between patch_ae2_tu2 & tu3 you simply put ae2_110 & ae2_111 into the '​patch_ae2_tu3\battle\regulation\'​ folder inside your mod.  
-http://​​. ​[[|Download their mod]] and follow ​the instructions ​for how to create ​your ownRemix loader will easily load and unload mods when you want to go back to vanilla ​version ​w/o having to copy/paste everything and overwrite stuff again.+ 
 +The most up to date version ​of USF4 Simp is "​0.0.7651.26748"
 or or
-Alternately you can get a [[|modded cryptopp.dll]] and insert it into your root "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition"​ folder. ​This will allow modded characters ​to load without the hassle of Remix Loader's limitations ​and possibly confusing instructions.+Alternately you can get a [[|modded cryptopp.dll]] and insert it into your root "Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition"​ folder. ​Doing that will allow you to launch modded character files without the game getting stuck on the loading screen. Overwrite your cryptopp.dll in the SF4 root directory and then you can simply modify the .bac & .bcm files located in the "​patch_ae2_tu2\battle\regulation\ae_110'and '​patch_ae2_tu3\battle\regulation\ae_111'​ folders.
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